Thank you Fr.
Rand Miller
Jan Joseph
En dan te bedenken dat in sommige Tweede Vaticaanse Concilie kerken vaccinatie verplicht is om de Heilige Mis te mogen vieren. Gelukkig is er de Sint Petrus broederschap.
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What you need to know about covid and vaccination (banned by youtube)
iam not surprised, evil wants to erase the Truth,but its too late we together with our Saviour and Lord Jesus Christ will win
Human rights and Gaudium et spes quotations? I don't think do.
May God bless Fr Nolan and Our Lady of Fatima protect him.
De Profundis
"The Church belongs to Jesus Christ and it is not a laboratory for theologians to experiment." Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI
Kenjiro M. Yoshimori
I wish Benedict XVI had had the courage to stay in office. He'd be in 17 years in April! And he'd be the oldest Pope there ever was in the Church. One of my prayers I often pray when visiting Church, is that the Lord lets Benedict XVI , by some miracle, outlive Francis the heretic. Which is more possible than it was this time last year! Hopefully!!