Viganò: Vatican II Replaced Christ With "Hateful Tyranny"

Vatican II has weakened the papal monarchy because of its “implicit denial” of Christ’s Kingship, thus bringing "democracy" and "parliamentarianism" into the Church, Archbishop Viganò told (August 12).

He also said that Paul VI “removed the Crown from Our Lord” when he deposed the papal Tiara in 1964.

Viganò detects the same pattern in the liturgy of Christ the King which was transferred to the end of the liturgical year which erased the real social dimension of Christ's kingship and relegated it into a merely spiritual and eschatological dimension.

For Viganò, the Vatican II bishops dethroned Christ when they proclaimed religious freedom and made themselves “spokesmen of apostate nations.”

Viganò calls it the “greatest crime” that Christ was dethroned, not only from society, “but also from the Church” which failed in her role as custodian of Christ’s teaching.

He observes that not only in the civil sphere but also in the Church the sweet yoke of Christ has been replaced “by the hateful tyranny of the Innovators, who with an authoritarianism not dissimilar to that of their secular counterparts impose a new doctrine, a new morality, and a new liturgy.”


“We have had enough exhortations to be silent. Cry out with a hundred thousand tongues! This world is rotten because of silence.” -St. Catherine of Sienna
Be Ye Separate
Archbishop Carlo states,"the sweet yoke of Christ has been replaced “by the hateful tyranny of the Innovators,..."
Many of the masonic bishops who promote the Vatican 2 corruption, use Machiavellian tactics. Be tyrants, while promoting what appears to be good: "Therefore, the council focuses its attention on the world of men, the whole human family..."
(V2 Gaudium et spes)
Francesco Federico
An extract from Bishop Alfonso de Galarreta's sermon given during the priestly ordinations at the International Seminary of St. Pius X in Econe, Switzerland on June 29, 2011…/bishop_de_galar…
God bless Viganò! In him I see the voice of the Church.
Deo Gratias and gratitude to you Archbishop Viganò, keep speaking!

Dear Excellency
Quoting from the Gospel of St John chapter 10.

We the little people of the Church are so grateful to Our Lord that He has given us a Shepherd prepared to guard the sheep door. 2
But he that entereth in by the door is the shepherd of the sheep. See more DG +AB Vigano we stand with you "PETITION"