Judged. Not anymore judge.

Dr Bobus
I was in Rome when she was named. A friend there had done a couple of years at Columbia Law and had her as a professor. Obviously knew she was a big liberal, and he always referred to her as Ruth Bader, sans Ginsburg. So it seems that she didn't add Ginsburg until she became a national figure à la Hillary Rodham in Arkansas/Hillary Rodham Clinton in DC.
Hugh N. Cry
Ding dong...
Let's try to focus on the positive. Will Mr. Trump be able to score another Supreme Court Justice before November? Mayhaps a second pro-life Catholic? :D
Dr Bobus
Actually, he has until Jan 3, 2121
F M Shyanguya
May God have mercy on your soul, even though you denied the same to numerous of his children.
Ginsburg, you have your proper reward now
Jim Dorchak
A minion.