Open Letter to Certain Bishops and Priests, For your Eternal Salvation

Open Letter to Certain Bishops and Priests, You Know Who You Are

My Fathers,

I write this letter with a heavy heart, but with the knowledge it must be written. To go straight to the point, too mant of you have abandoned your children and have said it is out of love for them. If this is what you call love, then you do not know what true love is. You say you want to protect your people from this virus, but your actions say that you care nothing about what is happening to their souls. You will say this is not true; actions speak louder than words. You were shocked recently when the Pew Poll came out and said only 30% of Catholics who attend Mass believe in the Real Presence, no wonder, you do not seem to believe. Do you believe in the Real Presence? I have heard too many of you say that receiving “Spiritual Communion” is as good as receiving our Lord at Mass. REALLY?!! In the persecution of the early Christians one governor asked why they had met knowing they would most likely be caught and executed. Their reply was they could not live without the Eucharist.

Today you care more about your flock’s limited time on earth, than that of their eternal wellbeing. You tell us to watch Mass at home unable to receive our Lord. Is this not the same as having starving people stand at the window of a bakery telling them to believe they are fed, but not allowing them to receive anything from within the bakery? You say that is different, you are right. Spiritual starvation and spiritual death are eternal, the torment and suffering will never end. The only thing your actions show is that you care more about yourselves and your image to the world. Remember, you will have to give an accounting for every soul in your care, and whether you believe it now or not, souls do go to hell.

Please, for the sake of your flocks, become true shepherds and not hirelings. For if you do not, many souls in your flocks will be lost, and your own souls as well. May God have mercy on your souls.



Source: Bishop Gracidas' Blog