Vatican Archbishop Jumps On Next Bandwagon: Francis Is "Very Worried" About "Virus Of Racism"

Pro-homosexual Archbishop Vincenzo Paglia, the President of the Pontifical Academy for Life, told EWTN’s Catherine Hadro about Francis’ view on the US George-Floyd riots (Twitter.com, June 17).

“I personally know that Francis is very worried about this virus of violence and racism because the USA has a great weight and responsibility towards the world,” he said.

Paglia also excreted empty formulas about the U.S. as “a bastion of democracy,” its "important role in the Second Vatican Council,” and its “promotion of religious freedom.”

Picture: Vincenzo Paglia, © Mazur, CC BY-NC-SA, #newsPvhdzpdzup

He's also worried about the disease of rigidity, the germ of intolerance, the rash of nationalism, and the prickly heat that comes from climate change.
We don't care about his view of George Floyd or any other social injustice - only how are Church is assisting souls in their salvation. To all clergy: stop living for the world and live for Christ, our only hope.
Novella Nurney
I'm not sure this is " news" it falls more in the category of " water is wet ". DID ANYONE, expect, posit, prophesy ( or perhaps, pretend to care) that Francis would say anything different either on his own or through one if his mouthpieces?