Haters Spit in Cardinal's Face

During four years of persecution by the oligarch media, French Cardinal Philippe Barbarin, 69, found himself “knocked to the ground,” he told (October 1).

This is due to the fact that he like most prelates takes the lies of the journalists more seriously than the Final Judgment.

Barbarin was unjustly accused of having "covered up" homosexual abuses which had happened ten years before he became Lyon Archbishop. Although he was acquitted in court, he resigned early in June.

Now, he says that his name has "become synonymous with pedophilia” - as if this were of any importance before God - and that haters stopped him in the street and spat into his face.

However, Barbarin is sorry only for himself while he boasts about having dismissed priests accused of abuses the very same day, thus potentially exposing them to the same injustice he endured.

During his own media persecution the psalms started resonating with him, like “I am in the midst of lions” and “You are my rampart.”

A broken Barbarin said that he now begins his prayer “always" with the names of the accusers of priests.

After his "extremely violent end” in Lyon, he is now getting back on his feet as a chaplain for nuns in a 140 people village.

This year he has written an apologia for himself. Title, “In My Soul and Conscience.”

Picture: Philippe Barbarin, © wikicommons, CC BY-SA, #newsGhprqhcoxb