Survey Proves: Old Rite Is Future of the Church

Not surprisingly, a survey found, Old Rite Catholics are more faithful than New Rite Catholics.

The study, conducted by Father Donald Kloster, Norwalk, Connecticut, included 1322 respondents. It was published on LiturgyGuy.com (February 24).

The results shows that 99% of the Old Rite Catholics fulfill their Sunday obligation (New Rite: 25%) and 98% confess at least once a year (New Rite: 22%).

Among Old Rite Catholics 1% support abortion (New Rite: 51%), 2% contraception (New Rite: 89%) and 2% gay pseudo marriage (New Rite: 67%).

Old Rite Women have a fertility rate of 3.6 (New Rite: 2.3).

Picture: © Joseph Shaw, CC BY-NC-SA, #newsGbggqvasxm
As Fair as it can get!!!! Most if not all of the Modern day priests are asleep at the wheel. I will lay my life down for Fr. Kloster and his survey!!!!
Father Donald Kloster see you in mass this Sunday...we love you!!!
I'm a TLM guy, but is this a fair comparison? Faithless, nominal Catholics are all lumped in with the New Rite. What if you compare answers of New Rite Catholics who go to Mass on Sunday to Old Rite? I've never seen that statistic tho it must be in the data.
Unfortunately you are measuring not so much. Even so the two groups are not comparable. It is like having someone pick the "good" apples from a batch, and then have a nitpicker again pick the good apples from that just picked "good" batch. Finally comparing the remaining "good" apples with the nitpicked apples. Of course the nitpicked apples are the best.
Yeah right this survey is very accurate.
You must not live in America or do not pay attention to your fellow church members in the new Vatican 2 masses.
It’s a mess...Old right church memebers are the strongest!!!!
The old rite forever!!!!!