Homo-sexual agenda revealed - Fr. John O'Connor, O.P.

Fr. John O'Connor, O.P. in this interview will make more clear to catholics, who still have not lost reasoning ability, as to why the homo-sexual agenda has fully emerged at the Synod of the Family.
There is quite a bit of Father Rodriguez here:…
Thank you for recalling Fr. Rodriguez. What is his status now?

There is another man who spoke the truth as it is, fr. Rodriguez from Texas, he made a video the enemy is within and because of it was removed from his parish and sued in civil court by his bishop.

O'Connor was a dynamite during his lifetime and many times was accused in the Vatican by his enemies.

God bless His soul.
Is this prophetic man up for canonisation?
Will there be more information? I myself were working in aids-prefenting but now it hits me for a fact: aids may really be just to stopp all perverse homo and lesbian "lifestyl".
It also come to my mind that the first men who expirieced dead was Abel while giving a pleasing sacrifice to God Allmigthy. The first dead Adam and Eve saw... was a killed precios son!
Ben Martin
Great video---more please Rafal
Silvia Grassi
Thank you Rafal_Ovile for spread the truth.