Who Cares? The Car Park Is More Important

A multi-level parking lot is built on land right below the elevated Syriac Catholic Mor Efrem Monastery in Mardin, South Eastern Turkey.

On April 15, persecution.org reported that the construction work for the parking area is endangering the foundations of the building which has monument status.

The monastery was built in 1884, but not used since 1945. The land was stolen by the State in 1969 under the pretext of turning it into a green space for the city.

The picturesque city of Mardin is considered an open-air museum. It was a centre for the Catholic and Apostolic Armenian Church as well as the Syriac Catholic and Orthodox Church. Mardin was home to over 12,000 Christian Assyrians and over 7,500 Armenians when the Armenian Genocide hit the city.