Saint Michael Reminds of George Floyd? Tragedy Is Turned into Comedy

Tracy Reeve launched a petition to remove Saint Michael crushing Satan from the British Order of St. Michael and St. George because this remembers her of the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis.

The petition reached 2000 signatures in a few hours. The Order is one of the highest diplomatic honours the Queen grants to diplomats and senior Foreign Ministry officials.

Reeve offended the image as “highly offensive.” She asks that the medal be completely redrawn “and that an official apology be given.”

What she presented as George Floyd outrage is a thinly veiled expression of Satanism.

On, Reeve calls herself an artist, cook, environmentalist, runner, real-life mermaid, and a premenstrual dysphoric disorder warrior.


De Profundis
White privilege
F M Shyanguya
O dear!
Roberto 55
I think they should change it. They should put her too under st. Michaels crushing leg...
Wichita Knight
The power of the internet tends to bring the loonies to the surface. We only encourage them if we heed them any attention. [Sarcasm on] Thank you,, for giving this person her 15 minutes of fame. [Sarcasm off]
Well, let US gather more signatures to beat this satan's push... at least, this one