Viganò: Inter-Religion Is In - Christmas Midnight Mass Is Out

Francis and the Vatican's gay lobby have de facto approved gay pseudo-marriage, Archbishop Viganò wrote on October 22. Now, he expects the Vatican …
As it turns out, apparently there isn't a "de facto" approval beyond pro-gay clerics creating one and Francis' enemies gleefully accepting the falsehood created by pro-gay clerics for their own purposes. Both sides agree: who cares what Pope Francis said. Father Homo McFairy loves this mistranslation and Archbishop Francis-Hater also likes it for just the opposite reason.
Gesù è con noi
Saint Paul warns in Romans 1:32 that gay activists also practice sodomy.
"There is a "clique of homosexuals in the [Vatican's] command post” who push Francis to defend "the vice which they share and practice.”
Mary Wilhelmy shares this
De Profundis
Keen about pagan idols, not keen about Christ
F M Shyanguya