Bergoglio's Psychological Torture of Traditionalists

Bergoglio was a professor of Literature and Psychology at the Colegio de la Inmaculada de Santa Fe, and taught the same subjects at the Colegio del Salvador in Buenos Aires.

LES FEMMES - THE TRUTH: Bergoglio's Psychological Torture of Traditionalists

The breaking of the Traditional Catholic mind

Since Francis cannot do what Henry VIII did - physically torture and kill Catholics - he's doing psychologically with known methods of psychological torture to cause the disintegration of personality - or more to the point, the disintegration of the Traditionalist personality - to the point of acquiescence, that is, to the point that Traditionalists will go without protest into the Novus Ordo Mass.
His only option to kill the Old Mass is to psychologically torture Traditionalists until they give up their recalcitrant ways and to do this entails a new attribute previously not wanted in the character of bishops - cruelty. On the part of Bergoglio it's apparently pagan sadistic cruelty since he seems to derive pleasure from Traditionalists' suffering and humiliation by deleting Jesus within our souls with the killing of the Old Mass, crushing it then putting it to death. Then when psychologically tortured Traditionalists have lost resistance to losing their Faith, they, spiritually broken, will finally surrender and join the dance that is the Novus Ordo.

How long will it be before all bishops go full-on Cramner? Cranmer was emboldened by Henry VIII's protection and in 1564 wanted to abolish Holy Week ceremonies of Palm Sunday and Good Friday. Likewise, two years ago the bishops closed all churches for Easter Sunday.
Already, as has happened with Bishop Burbidge in Arlington, Bergoglio and his tyrannical dictator bishops are "softening up" and breaking Traditionalists' resistance to the Novus Ordo with their psychologically coercive tactics, herding them into ever decreasing spaces (solitary confinement, box torture) and using non-physical psychological tortures touching the mind and soul.
Bergoglio's psychological torture has as its end goal the disintegration of the personality however it's more sinister than that. His torture is pointed directly at Traditional Catholics therefore, in essence, his goal is the disintegration of the TRADITIONALIST personality. He cannot physically torture and kill Traditional Catholics but he need not leave any scars or visible marks when enacting psychological torture. He wisely abandons the "purely physical methods" of torture for obvious reasons, so uses "purely non-physical methods" of psychological torture to produce intense pain and suffering.
The worst scars are of the mind, whether personal or collective, therefore Bergoglio maximizes psychological suffering "tailoring the inducement of fear and dread" to the individual or group as he pleases with his use of various successful psychological tortures documented HERE in Hernan Reyes' The worst scars are in the mind: psychological torture.
Bergoglio's ultimate goal is to kill the Mass of the Ages. Whether he sees that killing the Old Mass will kill Jesus in our souls or killing Jesus in our souls will kill the desire for the Old Mass is the case of which comes first - the chicken or the egg - but he hits "two birds with one stone" by the use of psychological torture.

The number one horrifying act of psychological torture is that of having to witness the torture of family members. For Traditional Catholics the "family member" is Jesus. For nine years we've had to watch Bergoglio kill Our Lord at every opportunity, beginning in Nov 2013 when he "unstuck" the hands of an altar boy shaming him in front of the world for having his hands folded as in prayer. We've watched in horror as the First Commandment was broken by the worship of Pachamama in St Peter's Basilica. We've watched as Bergoglio changed words of the Lord's Prayer, changed the Catechism on the death penalty, changed Canon Law to suit his own purposes, and made Mohammad and Islam on an equal plane with Our Lord and the Catholic Faith - and all that is just the proverbial tip of the iceberg.

Three additional methods of documented psychological torture to raise the threshold of pain and suffering in order to attain his goal are solitary confinement, sleep deprivation, and unpredictability / uncontrollability. The comments below in red are my own unscientific observations. Feel free to list your own.
1) Solitary Confinement
"A method used in many countries around the world during interrogations of prisoners is solitary confinement – that is, confinement alone in a cell for days on end, with minimal environmental stimulation and practically no opportunities for any social interaction."

a) In Arlington Bishop Burbidge reduced locations where the TLM could be said from 21 parishes to 7 parishes and one Montessori school.

b) In many dioceses the TLM is not allowed in any diocesan parish.

c) There is to be no mention of the TLM nor TLM mass times listed in parish bulletins.

"The effects of solitary confinement have been widely severe cases the mental disturbances among prisoners so detained … [include] … an agitated confusional state, characteristics of a florid delirium, [with] severe paranoid and hallucinatory features and also by intense agitation and random, impulsive, often self-directed violence."

d) Having to rearrange schedules and times to be able to attend the TLM in out of the way places leads to confusion.

"There are few if any forms of imprisonment that appear to produce so much psychological trauma and in which so many symptoms of psycho-pathology are manifested … [prisoners are held] in virtual isolation, and [subjected] to almost complete idleness … no group or social activity of any kind is permitted … the harmful psychological consequences of solitary confinement … are extremely well documented … [These include] sleep disturbances, anxiety, panic, rage, loss of control, paranoia, hallucinations, self-mutilations, cognitive dysfunction, depression [and] emotional breakdown."

e) Psychological trauma of isolation of available Masses induces rage, loss of control, loss of set schedule, and depression.
2) Sleep Deprivation
"Detainees are usually kept awake for several days; when they are finally allowed to fall asleep, they are suddenly awakened and then interrogated, harshly or otherwise. They may be deprived of sleep in many ways, for instance by guards banging their batons all night long on cell bars. Sometimes detainees are made to adopt what is called 'forced positioning'. This may be just standing against the wall, or crouching down or in any posture that quickly becomes uncomfortable and precludes any meaningful sleep."

a) Here the reference to "sleep" is reference to the TLM since the Old Mass is our one hour to relax, be with God, pray and be at peace.
b) The Novus Ordo's deprivation of peacefulness with its constant noise (guards banging their batons all night long on cell bars) leads to agitation of mind.
c) Having to watch the "forced positioning" of the priest facing the people instead of God leads to cognitive dissonance.

"Or interrogators may wake detainees up every time they close their eyes. Sleep deprivation is often used in conjunction with other psychological methods, including hooding, being stripped naked and the use of various restraints. The old proven method of repeatedly playing a scratched record and blaring out an endlessly repetitive tune for hours or days on end is still used as an effective way of depriving prisoners of sleep. Prolonged sleep deprivation has been described by people subjected to it as being horrendous."

d) We close our eyes in prayer at the Novus Ordo only to have a woman dance up the aisle with the "audience" vigorously clapping or the music director suddenly plays one of homosexual Dan Schutte's songs on the calliope.
e) Prolonged deprivation of the Old Mass is horrendous.

"In the head of the interrogated prisoner a haze begins to form. His spirit is wearied to death, his legs are unsteady, and he has one sole desire, to sleep, to sleep just a little, not to get up, to lie, to rest, to forget … Anyone who has experienced this desire knows that not even hunger or thirst are comparable with it … I came across prisoners who signed what they were ordered to sign, only to get what the interrogator had promised them. He did not promise them liberty … [only] uninterrupted sleep! … And, having signed, there was nothing in the world that could move them to risk again such nights and such days."

f) Denial of our one desire to attend the Old Mass, to rest in it, concentrate on God and forget the cares of the world for just one hour causes excruciating mental anguish.
"More generally, even short-lived sleep deprivation causes hallucinations, paranoia and disorientation and can have deleterious psychological effects on an individual. The use of sleep deprivation is a favored 'method of interrogation', as it leaves no physical mark on the victim. Interrogators will claim outright that they have not (physically) abused detainees in their custody."

g) Deprivation of the Old Mass, even short-lived, causes disorientation and depression. In two years it will be totally forbidden. (The SSPX owns their parishes so the TLM will still be said there.)

"These 'minor' methods are many, and the following list of examples is anything but exhaustive: constant taunting; verbal abuse; intimidations; insulting the honor of a family member; spitting in someone’s lunch container; petty humiliations (always linked to cultural values); petty and less petty harassments; repeated exasperation provoked on purpose; enforced artificial light 24 hours a day; lack of privacy exploited purposely to mock sensitivities; verbal threats of further torment – whether realistic or not; repeated annoyances petty in themselves, but magnified out of proportion by the context; and many more."

h) Constant taunting from the Vatican, from bishops and priests

i) Verbal abuse, intimidations, insulting the Old Mass, insulting Jesus and His Mother

3) Unpredictability and Uncontrollability

"The roles of uncontrollable and unpredictable stress in torture are factors which always come into play in any situation involving stress. In the case of detainees held in custody and interrogated by 'aggressive measures', they will obviously influence the overall situation... Unpredictable stimuli are much more stressful than predictable ones. Similarly, a situation one can control or has merely the illusion of being able to control is less stressful than a situation that seems beyond control. Exerting some control, even minimal, over stressful events seems to be a crucial element in the way in which torture, for example, is experienced by the individual."

a) Stress is caused by having no control over when the Mass will be ripped out from under us forever. (Thank God for the SSPX)

b) More stress is caused to Traditionalists by wondering what they will do, where they will go when their bishop forever forbids the Old Mass in two years. (Go to the SSPX)

"Hooding is a case in point of a method used in conjunction with many others, and often cumulatively. Its use is usually justified by custodial authorities as being necessary for security. While visual identification of interrogation staff may indeed be an issue, the use of the hood plays a much more important role in interrogations. A hooded detainee being beaten never knows whether, when and how he or she is going to be hit – or when a cigarette burn will be inflicted … The physical trauma (blow, burn, etc.) is greatly increased by the psychological unpredictability. Events become unpredictable and therefore less controllable, and this intensifies the pain and emotional stress. Thus 'the most deleterious consequences stem from uncontrollable aversive events that are also unpredictable'."

c) Never knowing when the next directive will come from the Vatican
d) No transparency, no control
e) Directives unpredictable

"If the interrogators intentionally alternate different methods and disrupt any semblance of 'schedules' or 'patterns', the situation becomes unpredictable. Interrogation sessions can occur at totally unpredictable times; detainees can suddenly be switched from one cell to another at a moment’s notice; or certain forms of behavior may be rewarded and others penalized without any discernable logic, and the rules then reversed without warning."

f) always wondering which bishop will do what

g) No semblance of schedule, unpredictable
h) Traditionalists suddenly switched from one church to another, one place to another at a moment's notice

"Interrogators are known successively to alternate at random the different methods described, thus making unpredictability part and parcel of the whole system. They also make sure that the detainees concerned know that they are unable to control any aspect of their lives."

i) Traditionalists unable to control any aspect of when or where the TLM is to be said
"Thus the use of cumulative methods over time is aggravated both by the unpredictability of the situation and by the total lack of any real control. The cumulation of the various psychological methods described above induces an utter sense of helplessness over prolonged periods of time, disrupting the senses of the individual and ultimately also his or her personality.
"Finally, it may seem that to qualify these 'combined' or 'cumulative' situations as 'torture' may trivialize the term itself when compared with brutal physical forms of torture. It can, however, surely be argued that not to consider the protracted suffering of detainees in such situations is, on the contrary, to trivialize the long suffering that has been or is continuing to be inflicted upon them."
Francis thinks that once Traditionalists are broken, our Faith disintegrated and personality changed we'll no longer desire the Old Mass. With the TLM and Jesus gone from our minds and revolt crushed by the Vatican's psychological torture we'll be docile enough that we'll peacefully attend the Novus Ordo. God is immutable, therefore the Mass and its meaning throughout the ages should be immutable, but with Francis' demonic psychological torture, Traditional Catholics, broken in mind and spirit, will be herded into the Novus Ordo - then finally all will be one.
la verdad prevalece
Bergoglio behaves like a psychopath who psychologically abuses faithful priests.
Now Bergoglio's calling traditional priests effeminate? - LifeSite (
la verdad prevalece
Bergoglio hates the true Catholic clergy, from Argentina he persecuted the faithful priests.
RORATE CÆLI: The Horror!A Buenos Aires journalist describes Bergoglio:
A sworn enemy of the Traditional Mass, he has only allowed imitations of it in the hands of declared enemies of the ancient liturgy. He has persecuted every single priest who made an effort to wear a cassock, preach with firmness, or …More
Bergoglio hates the true Catholic clergy, from Argentina he persecuted the faithful priests.
RORATE CÆLI: The Horror!A Buenos Aires journalist describes Bergoglio:
A sworn enemy of the Traditional Mass, he has only allowed imitations of it in the hands of declared enemies of the ancient liturgy. He has persecuted every single priest who made an effort to wear a cassock, preach with firmness, or that was simply interested in Summorum Pontificum.

Our Lady of La Salette: Priests and religious will be persecuted.
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Bergoglio, in his vindictive hatred against God and the Church, ridicules the Catholic faithful using sarcasm, expletives. And to attack the Catholic faith he uses the manipulation of language and maliciously changes the meaning of words. He maliciously tramples on the Law of God to the point of calling homosexual male transvestites women.
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Saint Philomena, new light of the Church Militant,
pray for us. 🙏 🙏 🙏
Pray God grants us a for a Saintly Pope.
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Bergoglio was a mentor and professor of psychology to anti-Catholic homosexual activist Yayo Grassi. The homosexual Yayo attributes his open mind to Bergoglio, that is, his acceptance of homosexuality.
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Just as homosexual predators use methods of psychological manipulation to nullify, humiliate, silence and intimidate their victims, Bergoglio has also been using methods of psychological manipulation to harass and insult faithful Catholics.
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Bergoglio uses bullying to humiliate and belittle the Catholic faithful while saying that he is nobody to judge an immoral apostate priest, whom Jorge maliciously, contrary to natural law, identifies as gay. And like a corrupt Judge, instead of Judging the criminal, he judges the Law of God.