Francis Church: Single-Use Gloves Become New Dogma

Father Leonardo Ricotta of Sant’Agata parish in Villabate, Sicily, became the first priest eliminated over the Italian bishops' coronavirus liturgy …
Poked! Prodded! Like the Roman soldiers did to Him!
Gesù è con noi
🤔 Wait a minute, those bergoglianos are using the same contaminated glove for all the faithful? So here it is evident that there is no love of neighbor but for themselves. 🤔 Then, following the argument of the Bergoglians, when they use the same contaminated glove, they put the faithful in danger of death and health deterioration.
Gesù è con noi
When a doctor sees a patient, gloves should be changed for each patient. So the gloves can never be reused without having previously been sterilized. Here those who would be protecting themselves from possible sick people would be the unscrupulous Bergoglians while they contaminate the faithful by reusing the contaminated glove.
Ipsa conteret
Pray, my friends, for the Lord God Almighty, to crash down this house of jokers and thieves -- who are out to destroy the Catholic Faith! Thank you, Father Ricotta, for being willing to pay the price of being a true and faithful shepherd -- who serves the Good Shepherd!
Liam Ronan
Is there no one to tell the Bishop where he ought park his bike?
“Personal convictions presented by single individuals as authentic doctrine cannot be imposed on the faithful,” -technically, that applies to the Bishop's ruling. While he may have jurisdiction over his diocese, he doesn't speak for the entire Church. There IS no "authentic doctrine" for corona-virus. That which is "allowed" by the Church is not -mandated- by it.