Sarah: Contraception And Homosexuality Prepare Totalitarianism

The contraceptive mentality which developed since the 1950s introduced a disconnection between the woman and her body and changed profoundly the understanding of marriage and sexuality, said Cardinal Robert Sarah.

Talking at Madrid University (November 7 full speech), Sarah explained that the contraceptive mentality reduces sexuality to pleasure.

This allowed homosexuality to be socially legitimised, “If sexuality is no longer perceived in the light of the gift of life, how can homosexuality be considered a perversion, an objective and serious disorder?”

Sarah criticised homosex ideology for imposing a "new conception" of human nature calling this comparable to “totalitarian attempts" to produce a "new man."

Picture: Robert Sarah, © Mazur, CC BY-SA, #newsTsbwdgzzpy

Remember - it's the gay totalitarianism in the Church…/dr-aardweg-homo…
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