Synod Bishops Attend Demonic Way Of The Cross

250 members and affiliates of the Amazon Synod, including bishops, priests and sisters, organised on October 19 a pagan Way of the Cross in the Via della Conciliazione.

As expected, the naked demon Pachamama (video below) played a prominent role. It was either carried along, lifted up or placed in a boat.

The event included burning sage, a pagan ceremony. Enchanters used feathers to blow smoke into the faces of the attendees. This was meant as a demonic “blessing.”

A "bishop" in a grey shirt with a cross around his neck, bowed his head to receive the smoke of Satan worthily (video here).


Horrific Demonic sacrilege. Don’t even look upon the pachamama demon. The Vatican is accelerating its descent into the Abyss. Pray for Pope Benedict—he who should speak but remains silent and has been taken out of the way. Cf. Thes. 2:13
@mattsixteen24 Theologically speaking, what he's doing is irredeemably damning his immortal soul.
The gates of this hell will not prevail against an attack by Jesus real Church. Pray without ceasing, the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, the Holy Rosary, and all pious devotions and penances, led by our Queen Mother, St. Michael, and all the heavenly host of Angels. Christus Vincit, Christus Regnat, Christus Imperat:
What's he doing with his hands? Is he catching mother earth's energies?
Remember, "Everything is connected", meaning pantheism and the Francis' Church
O Maoleoin
They will accept everything.
And your local priests and bishops will continue to say nothing or worse, glorify this evil.
adeste fideles
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A demonic blessing for the Bishops and Priests?
Knights Of Christendom
Beyond words...
You see, they will not say anything is right or wrong, good or bad... except Catholicism is bad, and wrong, like offering baptism.
As the late Mother Angelica stated in a talk one day “He forgot The Incarnation.”
This is how it works