Two Articles Were Enough: The Head Of Father Z. Is On A Platter

The known US blogger Father John Zuhlsdorf, 61, will no longer serve in Madison Diocese, Wisconsin, where the excellent Bishop Robert Morlino SJ, +71, who unexpectedly died in November 2018, had received him in 2014.

Zuhlsdorf was slammed by the leftwing (January 8) for his Catholic faith and for performing live-streamed exorcisms against the US election fraud. Another article in the leftwing (January 12) mentioned him also briefly.

The diocese sent a January 14 statement to all priests, informing them that Zuhlsdorf will leave the diocese to "pursue other opportunities." This was presented as a mutual decision between him and Madison Bishop Donald Hying. A day later, Zuhlsdorf called the move on his blog his own decision. He wants to move closer to his family and has new plans for the future.

Zuhlsdorf was ordained in 1991 for the Velletri-Segni Diocese near Rome. He was in Madison based on an agreement between Madison and Velletri dioceses.

Velletri-Segni Bishop Vincenzo Apicella, 73, a former Roman Auxiliary Bishop under John Paul II who now belongs to the Francis party, is no friend of Zuhlsdorf.
“There are no times so bad that a good man cannot live in them.” Saint Thomas More