Bad Stand-Up Comedy: Irish Parish Removes Homosex Flag, "Hurts" Friends And Foes

Our Lady of Assumption Parish in Ballyfermot, Ireland, reluctantly took down a homosex flag after pro-gay Dublin Archbishop Dermot Farrell intervened, reports (June 24).

The controversial flag was hissed outside the church. Father Adrian Egan, the parish priest, was told on June 18 to remove it due to a policy against any flags on church grounds, except for national flags on appropriate occasions.

Since truth has been replaced by infantile feelings, Egan apologised to all those "hurt" by raising the flag and by removing it. He forgot to say sorry to those who would have liked to see the flag at half-mast.

Picture: Our Lady of the Assumption, Ballyfermot, © wikicommons, CC BY-SA, #newsMlpbxtqsga

The Jews and Romans spit in the Face of Christ and so do these Catholics.
Here is the Church with gay flag
Obviously, Sacred Scripture isn't authoritative for this priest, neither is Sacred Tradition. Therefore, on what basis is he Catholic? CINO, I'd say..............