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Bishop Schneider, Pope Has Answered The Dubia

The infamous document of the Buenos Aires bishops which allows Communion for adulterers, denies in practice the divinely revealed truth of the indissolubility of marriage, Bishop Athanasius Schneider has stated.

Talking to (December 4), Schneider called it a “sad circumstance” that Francis approved such instructions,

"By this way the Pope gave, in my opinion, directly an [erroneous] answer” to the Dubia.

Picture: Athanasius Schneider, © Monegasque2, CC BY-SA, #newsTadkkdftxl
Cardinal Napier seems not aware of the fact that Francis has attempted to turn adulterer-communion into an “authentic magisterium”. Napier questions that it is “policy”. He wrote, “If it is policy, please do us the favour of giving the name, date and provenance of the official and magisterial document that declares it to be such!”