At 81: Francis Retires German Bishop Who Ensured that Pagans Remain Pagans

Francis has accepted (November 18) the resignation of secularised Bishop Lucio/Lutger Alfert, 81, Pilcomayo Apostolic Vicar (43K Catholics, 11 priests, 125K km2), based in Mariscal Estigarribia, Paraguay.

Alfert handed in his resignation in 2016 when he turned 75. He arrived in Paraguay from Germany as an OMI missionary in 1972. His aunt was a religious in Brasil.

Ten aboriginal groups live in Pilcomayo, each with their own idea of God, Alfert told Kirche-und-Leben.de (August 2017), "We don't want to turn them into Catholics" [but evangelicals will convert them to Protestantism].

Alfert is interested in land reforms and wants to fight for the Indians to remain pagans ("to preserve their religion").

Parish life is carried “by the faithful,” he said. "When I come to a village, I first ask what I have to do, instead of the other way round."

He recalled that he came to a church service. "The reading had been read and the sermon had already been delived." Then a parishioner said: "Our bishop has been sitting there for a quarter of an hour. Let's hear what he has to say".

No wonder, Francis kept Alfert so long in office.

Irony of history: Maria Engelport Monastery where Alfert completed his noviciate, was abandoned by the dying OMI in 2013 and is now a Roman Rite Monastery of the Sisters of Christ the King Institute.

Picture: Screenshot, #newsHkgquycnxr

You got to love the irony! 😁👍