Incredible: Faithful Protest and Archdiocese Supports Them

Simple faithful have left two placards outside St Mary’s Cathedral in Edinburg, Scotland, protesting against Covid-19 restrictions.

One sign reads: “No laws of men have jurisdiction in the house of God.” The other: “Body of Christ can’t be live-streamed." The astonishing thing: The official Twitter account of St Andrews and Edinburgh Archdiocese reported about this with a photo included.

The British Government has not banned religious services, but the Scottish Government did. The local bishops branded the ban as “arbitrary and unfair.” In Northern Ireland, public Masses were banned by the bishops.


Cuthbert Mayne
That woman who runs Scotland (the Merkle lookalike) is a nasty piece of work
What a beautiful statement of truth. It would seem that sign is made by a layman - not a sign from the Chancery........... sigh..........