MORTIFICATION (mini-death)

So, let’s go back to mortification. “I want,” He said to me, “that all your things, even the necessary ones, be done in a spirit of sacrifice. See, your works cannot be recognized by Me as Mine, if they do not have the imprint of mortification. Just as a coin is not recognized by the peoples if it does not carry on itself the image of their king—even more, it is despised and neglected—the same with your works: if they do not have the graft with My Cross, they cannot have any value. See, now it is not about destroying the creatures, but yourself—making you die in order to live only in Me and of My own Life. It is true that it will cost you more than what you have done; but pluck up courage, do not fear—it is not you who will do it, but I Myself will operate in you.” Volume 1 of 36- Page 11 BOOK OF HEAVEN – LUISA PICCARRETA