Adult Men? Cardinal and Pope Were Crying Together

"We started crying, the tears rolled because the emotions were uncontrollable,” Cardinal Malcolm Ranjith said to German Vatican News (July 22) about his meeting with Pope Francis a month earlier.

The reason for the flood of feelings: Ranjith told Francis about the April 21 Sri Lanka Easter bombings when 259 people lost their lives and at least 500 were injured.

According to Ranjith, the government makes little efforts to investigate the case, also in order to hide its shortcomings.

In 2005, Benedict XVI appointed Ranjith as the Secretary of the Liturgy Congregation. Ranjith quickly became a leader of Benedict’s much advertised liturgical reform.

But after less than four years, Benedict backtracked and shipped Ranjith to Sri Lanka.

Video below: First Mass (July 21) in St. Sebastian's Church in Katuwapitiya, Sri Lanka, after the attack on Easter Sunday

Picture: Malcolm Ranjith, #newsRcpxdegbci