More Tins wey Bring the Old Rite Questionnaire tok

Francis ask for the questionnaire about the Old Liturgy, according to MarcoTosatti.com (April 26),

"e be lyk say Francis meet some priests wey dey practice the traditonal liturgy and im come see for imself say dem no dey 'rigid', at all."

Francis still see say the Old Rite get life, and so im wan understand am.

MarcoTosatti.com believe say d queshion "fit" no dey come from "negative will."

Him know say dem dey do am for different places: Asia, America and e go soon enter Europe.

MarcoTosatti.com no add say plans dey to "forbid" the Old Mass, and cos dis no go dey possible, but instead na to reduce am as dem dey stop Holy Week as e be before 1955, cancel the permission wey dem give generally to celebrate am, and so dem go reduce am to the small group of Old Rite priestly communities.

Foto: © Joseph Shaw, CC BY-NC-SA, #newsWbykxeqktz