143. Our requests?

Jesus Loves us, he doesn’t force anyone and he sets us free. Jesus accepts what we want and he will not give more than we ask. Freely, if our request is not precise, we risk finding ourselves with very little.

Sometimes we ask, but we don’t believe in it. Sometimes we want to follow Christ, but there are too many things or people who hold us back, or we aren’t vigilant enough.

Sometimes the Lord will take his time, because we are not in a hurry to change lanes. Sometimes asking something from the Lord will lead us where we would not want to go. It helps us to grow in faith because we have to learn to adjust to God as true disciples. Let’s check carefully whether our requests really lead us to the house of the Father, through the Son, in the Spirit.

God can do anything and everything is offered to us. But it is still necessary that we accept what comes from him. When the priest says, at the beginning of Mass: “The Lord be with you,” the Lord is already with us, but he always leaves us free to answer, to want God present with us.

This does not mean: “The Lord may be with us.” We know that the Lord is always with us, but do we still want him with us, again and now? That’s the question. At each mass, we are free to answer.

The new American Bible, 2011-2014
Book: … for Love, Normand Thomas