Strange Pachamama Coincidence

Francis' Santa Maria for Transpotina Pachamama church na also the place where Fada Vincenzo teraborelli, wey be 79 years old Carmelite fada, dey cast out demons since 1991, na wetin RemnantNewspaper.com write on January 9.

Fada Taraborelli operate from one room wey dey bak of the church where people dey come everyday, even sundays, sometimes up to 30 people for one day.

Taraborelli don become the person wey take over exorcist, Fada Gabriele Amorth (+2016).

For RemnantNewspaper.com, e no be "coincidence" say Taraborelli church, wey be center of deliverance ministry for Rome, don become center of Bergoglio demon worship.

"E just dey like say Jorge Bergoglio dey raise giant middle finger for God face."