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President of John Paul II Institute Tries to Placate the Storm – By Father Reto Nay

L’Osservatore Romano, the Vatican’s leading anti-Catholic newspaper, published a second article in support of the usurpers who took over at the John Paul II Institute in Rome.

The daily talked to their ringleader, Monsignore Pierangelo Sequeri, the new “President” of the Institute who pretended that the turbulence that presently shakes the Institute “is over” and that “normality” has returned.

Sequeri praises the heretical turn the Institute has taken and is especially proud of the funny names he invented for next semester's classes, like “Theology of the Christian Form.” Trendy chitchat about politics and sociology will replace a solid knowledge of moral theology, ethics and philosophy.

In vain, Sequeri reassures the students who are protesting against the coup orchestrated by him. Few will believe his claims that “the tradition of the Institute is respected.”

Why then did he introduce the illegal changes in the dark of the night, behind the backs of professors and students? Why did he drop leading professors, who had served the Institute for decades, like hot potatoes?

Sequeri is foolish enough to admit his hopes that the Institute may become “an institution of excellence of the Holy See.”

This means that he is not interested in serious research but in sucking up to the bigwigs around Pope Francis who has never hidden his contempt for serious theology, probably because his personal academic achievements have been so modest.

Picture: Pierangelo Sequeri, #newsDxsfnjcbje
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Remember when Francis tried to placate the father of a Franciscan Friar of the Immaculata, by telling him the suppression would end soon? That was 6 years ago. Good luck JPII Institute, you're toast.
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