A Carriage, An Umbrella, and a Priest in Maternity Dress

Recently, Father Gianfranco Scandella was made the parish-priest of Cassinone, near Bergamo.

He is the vice-rector of the theological formation at Bergomo Seminary, Italy, John XXIII’s home diocese. For the official welcome with a carriage in presence of the local mayor, he showed up with an umbrella, and dressed in a surplice without cassock which made him look like a pregnant mother in maternity dress.

However, since he belongs to the pastorally enlightend Vatican II clergy, he likely didn’t notice that he made a fool out of himself.


Brother Timothy Marie shares this
Bonus Lulz for the Covid Farce. The swarthy carriage footman isn't masked, neither is Fr. Scamdella. The sash-wearing officials, of course are.
John A Cassani
I recall from visiting Poland that the altar boys would wear surplices over street clothes. It’s not a good look for them; much less so for a priest.
Hugh N. Cry
Sounds like the beginning of a joke... oh, it is.
Holy Cannoli
a pregnant mother in maternity dress. 😘
I don't know if I can forgive you for getting that song STUCK! in my head... 😡
가입을 원합니다
Which is worse ?
What you posted is, undoubtely. Unlike the fools at the top, these pagans are profaning the Liturgy.