149. In God

Sometimes we have ups and downs. Our life is not always in a straight line. There are sometimes curved lines. And we know that we can wander far before a return to the natural base of life offered by God. In society as in the Church, it is similar, their members live ups and downs.

King Josiah has had a long journey. He repented. He moved back into his life and he adjusted. He makes a commitment and concludes that it’s good to put his life in God’s hands:
“Standing by the column, the king made a covenant before the Lord that they would follow him and observe his ordinances, statutes and decrees with their whole hearts and souls, thus reviving the terms of the covenant which were written in this book. And all the people stood as participants in the covenant.” 2 Kings, chapter 23, verse 3

What a person can manifest by his faith and freely uniting himself to God in his covenant, when he testifies to it, enables others to dare to be in a natural union with him. As a result: “All the people stood as participants in the covenant.” His testimony of faith attracts people in the same direction.

Whether we are aware of it or not, the Covenant with God is the sole searching of every person, without exception. Even if we go away with our bundle, God calls us from the depths of our being. The call follows us everywhere.

To enter into the path that leads us to the Heart of God is the definitive call we receive. But even if we are marked with Love, it implies a decision on our part, as for King Josiah.

The new American Bible, 2011-2014
Book: The heart's mission, Normand Thomas