EU Rushes to Protect Freemasons

The 2018 Fava Law n.18 obliges local administrators and deputies in Sicily, Italy, to declare the membership in a Masonic sect, given the links between Freemasonry and Mafia.

However, already in 2020, the EU's Petitions Committee admitted a request for intervention, filed by a Freemason against the law.

Now, the Governor of Sicily, Gianfranco Miccichè, a former Communist and present right-wing Atlanticist, announced in the presence of the Grand Master of the Grand Orient of Italy, Stefano Bisi, that the EU Commission will open a “pilot case” to assess if the law violates the EU’s alleged respect for privacy, freedom of thought and non-discrimination.

Picture: © European Parliament, CC BY, #newsBnhrhrvuvs

Vrijmetselaars geboren criminelen.