Sin Is No Love

What is love: No common sense

After the church blessings for homosexuals in Germany, there can be no more doubt: there is no longer any common agreement on the nature of love. Love has become what I desire.
It has become what everyone desires for itself.
But love is naturally directed towards the person who is there for me. As much as I wish for something else: Since this has been institutionalized, people have been fighting for church and state (the secularized church). Instead of loving.
Why all that? You need love. Small. And it's so hard to come by in these modern times.

Read Leopold Kohr.
Sin Is No Love
Really, sin is not love.
Sin Is No Love
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Sin Is No Love
Just another song: Love is a motherless Child.
That´s the world.
In Jesus Christ: Love is a motherfull life, named maria - forever and ever.