Who Set on Track Biden’s Homosex Program? A Jesuit

For the last fifty years, Joe Biden's homosex policies have been promoted by Jesuits and Catholic priests, the former homosexual Joseph Sciambra writes on (January 21).

Because of political pressure, homosexuality was deleted as diagnostic category in 1973. The leading members of the task force responsible for this decision were four (pro-)homosexuals, Dr. Howard Brown, Dr Bruce Voeller, Jesuit Father Robert Carter, and Dr Frank Kameny.

Sciambra writes about Father Carter (+2010) that he helped founding the New York chapter of DignityUSA in 1972. The organisation has since been condemned by the Vatican. Carter led blessing ceremonies for homosex couples and saw no contradiction between homosexuality and Christianity.

In an unpublished memoir, he wrote: "Since Jesus had table fellowship with social outcasts and sinners, those rejected by the religious establishment of his time, I consider myself to have been most fully a Jesuit, a ‘companion of Jesus,’ when I came out publicly as a gay man, one of the social rejects of my time. It was only by our coming out that society’s negative stereotypes would be overcome and we would gain social acceptance'.”

There were calls for Carter’s expulsion from the Jesuits, but obviously nothing happened.
Dr Bobus
What this shows is that the Church of JPII was a thin veneer over very serious problems. Anyone who spent years in a Novus Ordo seminary or religious house should have been aware of the mess.
Dr Bobus
Instead of Father Carter (+2010), maybe it should read:

Father Carter (⇊2010)