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Abortion-Tainted Vaccines Are An Abomination

In a 21 June sermon in Vienna, Bishop Athanasius Schneider criticised vaccines made with cells from aborted children.

A video of the sermon is spreading rapidly in the German-speaking world (transcript of the sermon).

Schneider called "the horrendous foetal industry and the trade in tissues and cells of aborted, that is, murdered children" an abomination.

The use of drugs produced by means of aborted children, he said, implicates in a direct complicity with evil and in directly profiting from evil acts. Such products are morally wrong, despite their claim of being "good," Schneider stated.

He explained that there is an expectation that medicines which originate from human cruelty are a benefit for people, however, this "benefit" has been achieved by torturing and killing unborn children.

The bishop stated that certain people want to "enjoy earthly life without having problems through practising the art of compromise." But he insisted that there is no compromise between life and death.


« La Messe traditionnelle poursuit sa marche triomphale véritablement catholique, indépendamment du fait que de nombreux évêques et supérieurs ecclésiastiques restreignent et sabotent cette liturgie par des mesures humiliantes, parfois même despotiques. »
Actually A Catholic
Maybe someone should show this to the ABORTION TAINTED DEATH VAX PROMOTER de Mattei and his Lepanto Foundation.
@Eva Great post! Thank you for this. One priest just had to be the combo-breaker and wear his "face diaper".
He is from the FSSP (Fr Kappel). He believes obviously to keep the rules extra strict.
He also said, "Only cowards go with the flow"