Another Gay? New Vatican Sostituto Edgar Peña Parra in Hot Water

Archbishop Edgar Peña Parra, handpicked by Pope Francis, will start as the Deputy of the Vatican Secretary of State on October 15.

But last week a 25-page dossier was emailed to some Vatican cardinals, signed by “Lay-people of the Archdiosis of Maracaibo” - Peña’s Venezuelian home archdiocese.

The pro-Francis but anti-Church Italian magazine L’Espresso (October 12) was almost immediately given access to the dossier by the Pro-Bergoglio party in order to break the story (October 12), to discredit the dossier [with a sloppily written article] and to publish it on a Friday in order to diminish its effect.

Peña started his studies in the late 1970s the seminary in San Cristobal from where he was expelled after the third year for disciplinary reasons. His archbishop gave him a second chance and he continued in the Caracas Seminary where the reports about him were good.

The dossier contains fotocopied letters of Archbishop Domingo Roa Pérez (+2000) who ordained Peña in August 1985.

In one of them Roa writes that he received an anonymous report shortly before Peña was made a deacon. The report told him that Peña was expelled from San Cristobal seminary because he was a "[practicing] homosexual.”

Roa writes that the anonymous letter explained that this information never reached him because a priest of the San Cristobal Archdiocese falsified the report submitted to him (Roa) [San Cristobal is only a diocese].

L’Espresso knows for sure that Pope Francis swept aside the claims against Peña as “another attack against him (Francis)” coming from the “conservative front”. Francis has a history of ignoring homosexual abuses in the Church.

Peña is a “very close friend” of Tegucigalpa Cardinal Rodríguez Maradiaga and of his ex-auxiliary bishop Juan Jose Pineda who is suspected to be an active homosexual. From 2003 to 2007 Peña worked as Counsellor at the Tegucigalpa Nunciature.

In his August statement, whistle-blower Archibshop Viganò writes that “as Delegate for Pontifical Representations I received worrisome information about [Peña].”

Picture: Edgar Peña Parra, © wikicommons, CC BY-SA, #newsCxlwmqutit
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eticacasanova, I am an American and thank you for your post, I had no idea about the Guerra Federal. As I was reading your post it reminded me of the Cristeros War of Mexico. Do you think Archbishop Parra was a good prelate?
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