De Profundis
The wealthy elites of Martha's Vineyard couldn't handle a very small influx of illegal immigrants for even 24 hours. AMAZING. Amazing. Bused them right out.
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Auf der Insel Martha's Vineyard haben die 'Oberen 10.000' der zumeist linken Schickeria incl.Ex-Präsidenten ihre Villen. Der katholische Governeur Ron DeSantis (Florida) ließ dort 50 Migranten einfliegen, als Zeichen des Protests. Von dort schafft man sie 24h später weg, es gebe leider keinen Platz.
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And just like that the ruling class bussed diversity right out of their own backyard
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They can end the crisis in 48 hours when it is on their doorstep, but won't lift a finger for the communities suffering on the Southern Border. Amazing.
Wilma Lopez
Ursula Sankt
Martha's vineyard residents right now
Thank you. I hope you will have even a nicer one.
Hound of Heaven
It's amazing how efficiently these folks are able to shift a problem elsewhere when it's on their doorstep. NIMBY indeed.
Sally Dorman
Never answer leftist moral blackmail in good faith They are liars who hate you and seek your destruction The minute they are forced to live with their own policies they activate the national guard to clear the immigrants off their streets
Theresia Katharina
Was soll da amazing sein???
Jeffrey Ade
The fast response to illegal immigration by leftists!