Cardinal Sarah: “I Don't Know What You Want to Say”

During a trip to Switzerland, Cardinal Sarah spoke with (September 21). Highlights:

- “The Gospel is still valid as it has been for the apostles.”

- “Tradition is not a fixed thing. It evolves but without being uprooted.”

- “What counts is not to walk together, but to search for the truth. Truth is not born of consensus, it precedes us.”

- “If we look at what is happening on the German synodal path, I don't know where it will lead us.”

- “No, the Church does not change. It is we who must change.”

- “Vatican II does not say that the Church must change.”

- “The Mass is a saving sacrifice and not a fraternal meal.”

- “Look at how we celebrate Mass today. We often just chat amongst ourselves.”

- Question: “The way of believing is evolving.” Cardinal Sarah: “I don't know what you want to say.”

- “Muslims, Buddhists, all pray in the same way. I don't understand why we Christians fight over these issues.”

- “I teach what the missionaries taught me, and some died very young to give me Christ.”

- “I come from a country that is 73% Muslim. When a Muslim prepares to pray, he does his ablutions and then stands alone in a corner in silence and when he has finished, he goes into the room to pray. What do priests do? They prepare in the sacristy by chatting and then continue their chatter during the entrance procession.”

- “When we meet together as Africans or with people from other continents, Latin unites us and allows us to celebrate together.”

- “It is a bad thing to have done away with Latin. All Muslims pray in Arabic, even if it is not their language.”

- Question: Is it right that the responsibility for translations has been given to the bishops' conferences according to the will of Francis? Cardinal Sarah: “Does a student who takes an exam correct himself?”

Picture: Robert Sarah, © Mazur, CC BY-NC-SA, #newsFtfqpsrteh
Cardinal Robert Sarah prays at the tomb of Pope Pius IX, who was a strong opponent of liberalism and modernism.
John A Cassani
God bless Cardinal Sarah. He is one of the few Cardinals who has the courage even to speak as a Catholic these days. He is certainly worthy of our prayerful support.
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"The Church does not change. She was born on the pierced side of Christ on the cross. We are the ones who have to change." - Robert Cardinal Sarah
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