While Rome Burns, Pope And Bishops Attack The Latin Mass And Traditional Orders

by Fr. Peter Carota

With so many serious problems in the world today, any sane person has to ask;

“why are the powerful people in the Catholic Church trying to destroy traditional orders, priests and purposely stopping the offering of the Latin Mass?”

Let us go over some of the real problems they should be contending with right now.
China just said it could put the electric grid of the USA out of existence.

1. 13,000 Catholics and Christians recently killed by muslims in Nigeria.
The Ebola outbreak.
2. Catholics and other Christians being tortured and murdered in muslim countries.
3. Millions of babies being murdered in their mothers wombs.
4. Dangerous and powerful drug cartels moving from Mexico, to all over the world.
5. The Church mortally bleeding of her members to other religions and atheism.
6. ISIS promising to march into Rome and use St. Peter’s as a stable.
7. 35 million people are slaves.
8. Millions in forced work camps in China and North Korea.
9. Drug and alcohol abuse totally out of hand.
10. Children being sexually and physically abuse by their step dads.
11. Sex slave industry thriving.
12. Most Catholic men addicted to pornography.
13. Huge national and international debts.
14. Sexually transmitted diseases that can not be cured, like herpes. (1 in 4 youth.)
15. Governments dictating to the Catholic Church in Obamacare.
16. Homosexuals will soon shut down the Catholic Church for not marrying them.
17. Prisons can not be built fast enough. 1% of all Americans are incarcerated.
18. Freedom of religion is rapidly being taken away.

So with these being just a few of the problems in the world, why on earth does the pope and the bishops pick on traditional Catholics?

The perfect example is the Franciscan Friars and Sisters of the Immaculate. They “were” the fastest growing religious order with young serious vocations. They truly live the vow of poverty. And at the same time all other orders are making plans to shut down parishes, schools, seminaries and convents. And yet the pope and the bishops have nothing better to do than to destroy them.

I cannot say I understand why. First we need to remind ourselves that they are progressives, which means they believe that morals, religion and all other things are always evolving and changing. Besides this, here are a few theories I have. You are welcome to add to them.

1. The modernist progressives want to be loved by the world so they go along with the new modern morals and beliefs to be in good standing with the media, the wealthy, the popular, the youth and other like minded Catholics.
2. They agree with most other Catholics who no longer believe what the Church teaches on contraceptives, right to life, homosexual marriage, divorce and premarital sex. So they agree with this new popular progressive way of looking at “faith”.
3. They believe God is all love, mercy and no justice. They believe He accepts everyone no matter what they are doing because He is love.
4. They are afraid of the feminist and allow them to run the Church. (feminist nuns).
5. Many of them are feminists too.
6. They allow feminist to influence their governance and way of thinking. Remember, feminists are extremely opposed to traditional Catholic concepts such as; only men being priests, men being in charge of the Church and family, Catholic pro-life beliefs, homosexual sin, (many feminist are lesbians) and God being described in male terms in the Bible.
7. Some bishops and priests believe in immoral behavior because they are actually living these immoral lives, like being involved in homosexual activity. From that perspective they see traditional Catholics as opposed to what they consider good and normal.
8. Misplaced compassion for atheist, feminists, homosexuals and divorced people.
9. Traditional Catholics, cardinals, bishops, religious and priests are seen as a threat to their ever changing progressive morals and have to be silenced and destroyed.
10 Everything involved around the Holy Latin Mass and Sacraments are hierarchal, and that smacks of authority, especially coming from God and not man.
11. They do not believe in talking about the devil, hell or purgatory because they do not want to believe in a Just God. They just believe in talking about heaven.

So we can get a glimpse of what is going on in the Vatican, chancelleries, religious orders, “Catholic” universities and parishes all over the world.

The solution is to pray, pray, pray. They are only instruments to be used and discarded by the devil. He is the one behind all rebellion against God and His laws. Then you can:

1. Keep on speaking the truth: “immoral behavior causes much suffering”.
2. Remind them that you are very hurt how the vatican and bishops allowed bishops and priests to sexually abuse and even rape young men and children. That happened because those homosexuals believed in progressive morals that allows them to be sexually fulfilled.
3. Remind them of the billions of dollars lost from the church from the sex abuse law suits. If these progressive bishops had done something to stop it, we would still have most of the money and land we have lost to these law suits.
4. Then show them the fact that almost all the young vocations are coming from traditional Catholic families and orders.

Show them that most Catholic children are being born in traditional Catholics. Catholic Europe is dying fast because there is such a low birth rate.

Remind them that they are all old and going to die. Most feminist priests and nuns are very old. What will happen when they die.

We are so blessed to be traditional Catholics and have God on our side. Sooner or later He will prevail. “Our help in in the Name of the Lord, Who made heaven and earth.”

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One thing you failed to mention Father and that is that all these things happened on all four post conciliar pope's watch. Caveat: I am not blaming all the ills of society on the pope. I am merely pointing out that those entrusted (bishops) with defending the Church have been silent or even complicit in permitting these things to happen.
Truth shall set us free! Pray the Rosary, Resist liberalism despite who is preaching, and just please God through ALL his commandments...
Thank you very much Farther Carota for speaking the truth without fear. May God the Father, the Son and Holy Spirit bless and protect you and all traditional catholics who speak the truth in the face of so much evil and so many souls being lost. May His most Holy Mother Mary continually intercede for us. We know that the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary will triumph!
Gloria Thomas
Thank you.
Prof. Leonard Wessell
The Prophet of Oregon, me, would like to thank Fr. Carota for spelling out my prophecy. What am I talking about? As a graduate student just after Vat II, but before the fateful enactments were imposed, I attended a Summer language school at a Woman's Catholic College in Oregon. It got around that the church services were in Latin and, before one knew it, many non-Catholic students wanted the "…More
The Prophet of Oregon, me, would like to thank Fr. Carota for spelling out my prophecy. What am I talking about? As a graduate student just after Vat II, but before the fateful enactments were imposed, I attended a Summer language school at a Woman's Catholic College in Oregon. It got around that the church services were in Latin and, before one knew it, many non-Catholic students wanted the "Latin"-experience. The nuns got wind of it all and had the mass carried out, but not in Latin, rather in a direct translation into English. A disappointment for the students, though for me a traumatic event. (I am sure that Pope Francis has just the right derogatory appellation for my psychology.) Why? I sensed that something radical and very alien was happening, something that portended deep, profound changes of the Holiness in Catholicism as mediated liturgically through the traditional Latin Mass. Something destructive was loose. Away from the old, onward to the new!

As the "fruits of Vat II" became evident, my ominous feeling in Oregon seemed to cristalize as an unwelcome and disturbing foreboding of a plethora of things coming to be. So in a moment of narcissistic humor I appointed myself to the rank of "the Prophet of Oregon". Voilà, c'est moi, le prophète! For a long time my "prophecy" consisted of a vague "feeling of coming losses", losses foreshadowing, though not detailing all the 18 points (and more) made by Fr. Carota. Fr. Carota has evinced a marvelous conceptual grasp of the overall picture and has separated out and listed various concretizations for consideration. I am very grateful for the organized overview. Alas, I feel my self-calling to Oregonian prophecy to be confirmed.

Fr. Carota offers various theories of explanation and allows us to choose. Well, I take them all, i.e., as manifestations of a shift from a vertical to a horizontal orientation in Catholicism. David P. Goldman, a Modern Orthodox Jew, asserted, after Pope Francis' visit of the Holy Lands, that Pope Francis seems more interested in saving the world than saving souls. This thesis stikes me as plausible. At any rate, in shifting to the horizontal from the vertical the post-Vat II Church seems to have pushed to the sidelines a sense of the Holy, the mysterium tremendum, so well manifested by the Latin Mass. (And it was this "pushing away" that I sensed as an inkling that Summer in Oregon.) I suggest taking a glance at Rudolf Otto's The Holy, a best seller in 1917. Otto was a Lutheran scholar who has written effectively a phemenology of the Holy and its traits -- traits now evaporating by prelate command, e.g., the surpression of the Franciscan Friars. If the horizontal is the goal, all which communicates the vertical, viz., transcendent becomes an intolerable danger, even in the form of a successful order's project. Thus the dissolution of the Friars becomes a plus and is logically derivative from the horizontal orientation. No surprises, just sorrow! If time and energy permit, I might try latter today to outline some fundamentals that enable an acceptance of all of Fr. Carota's suggestios as manifestation of a central telos now stalking the Church with fateful damage.
God Bless Father Peter Carota.

May God be praised in His faithful servants.