Pompeo is right and the Vatican is wrong on China, Archbishop Viganò says - Formiche.net

Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò endorsed the criticism that US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo addressed to the Holy See over its secretive agreeme…
Gesù è con noi
The TRADITIO Fathers: "Bergoglio is now clearly a co-conspirator with the Communist atheists. He approved retroactively eight Communists appointed by Xi as Newbishops without his approval and has approved two more Communists as Newbishops since then."
Gesù è con noi
Los Padres de TRADITIO: "Bergoglio es ahora claramente un co-conspirador con los ateos comunistas. Aprobó retroactivamente a ocho comunistas nombrados por Xi como nuevos obispos sin su aprobación y ha aprobado a dos comunistas más como nuevos obispos desde entonces".