US Archbishop Invites Protestant Bishopess To Eucharistic Procession

St Paul and Minneapolis Archbishop Bernard Hebda held a June 5 Eucharistic Procession together with two Protestants. One of them was Ann Svennungsen who dressed up as bishop and calls herself a bishop of the Minneapolis Area Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA).

In the video below, Svennungsen walks after male altar servers and before Catholic priests. The other Protestant was Jerad Morey, a United Methodist Church minister. He walked next to Svennungsen, wearing an alb, and holds the position of strategic relationships director with the Minnesota Council of Churches.

Archbishop Hebda wrote in his diocesan newspaper that he invited representatives from heretic communities to “ask for their prayers.” However, Protestants deny transsubstantiation believing that, in a magical way, Christ is present "in bread and wine" only during the liturgy.


The bishop is as Catholic as the lady who thinks she's a bishop.
Ja natuurlijk, de Novus Ordo kerk van paus Franciscus van na het Tweede Vaticaanse Concilie is een protestantse kerk geworden, abortus, homohuwelijk, transgender alles is toegestaan. Daarom lopen de gelovigen die het Universele Tridentijnse, Romeinse, katholieke geloof van voor het Tweede Vaticaanse Concilie belijden over naar de Sint Pius X en de Sint Petrusbroederschap.
Ursula Sankt
Let's wait until Francis discovers what the ‘Spirit of surprise’ has to say on that
atreverse pensar
The question here is: does anyone believe in the real presence of Jesus Christ in the Eucharist?
Because this behaviour is characteristic for those who do not believe.
This is "normal" in the Vatican II sect. We had the same during our Eucharistic Congress a few years ago in this diocese. It is a scandal even for the prots and Anglicans whose own foundational documents forbid this kind of thing. Most professional ministers - whether V2 or prot - don't seem to believe what they signed up for.
P. O'B
I have a friend who is a Missouri Synod Lutheran pastor. When the local Catholic parish invited him to an ecumenical service, he refused. "We don't do that kind of thing." A man I can respect.