New Tactic: Francis Keeps Cardinal Sarah in Office

Francis renewed Cardinal Robert Sarah as the Prefect of the Liturgy Congregation, Sarah announced on Twitter (June 17).

He writes that "I am happy to continue my work" and adds that "we always pray for the Pope."

Sarah reached the retirement age on June 15. According to I.Media, his assignment was prolonged with the usual formula “until the Pope decides otherwise.”

Since December 2016, Sarah is sidelined in his congregation which is run by the second man, the modernist English Archbishop Arthur Roche who owes his career to Benedict XVI.

Likely from his experience with Cardinal Müller, Francis has learned that it's easier to neutralise a potentially dangerous prelate by keeping him in office.

Picture: Robert Sarah, © Twitter, #newsOvchvgqaug

Sarah instead of pervert sodomite andrea grillo is a big win for our church.
Sarah is a sell out, afraid of Bergolio.