Cardinal Napier Defends Synod Fathers' Silly Dance

“It was such an innocent thing”, Durban Cardinal Napier said about the embarrassing dance the Youth Synod Fathers performed during a party at the end of the synod.

Speaking to EWTN (October 27) Napier explained that some performers were singing the last song combined with a dance which he called “a very lively number” [under a lavender coloured disco light].

According to Napier they then “brought the bishops into the thing”. Two young people tried to involve Pope Francis but he didn’t “dance with the youth”.

Picture: Wilfrid Fox Napier, © Mazur/catholicnews.org.uk, CC BY-NC-SA, #newsUgdmqtrdjw

Napier après son revirement est devenu complètement cinoque. ( Une fois de plus, le traducteur français censure. Suppléance demain dans mon Blog : gilbertchevalier.blogspot.com )
alex j
I suggest this prelate reads about the life of "The Cure de Ars"
Here is another pic
Francis probably enjoys degrading the Cardinals like this.