Biden Bishops Defend Their Abortion Hero

Chicago Cardinal Balse Cupich rebuked Los Angeles Archbishop José Gomez, the President of the US Bishops, for having criticised Joe Biden’s abortion stances.

Using harsh language, Cupich called Gomez’ statement “ill-considered.” He complained that the statement was drafted “without input from the conference’s administrative committee” – not about its truthfulness.

In a second statement, he complained that millions have been brought low by “illness, poverty and racism.” Using childish language, Cupich hoped that “the way forward will be inspired, as the Holy Father asked, by dreaming together.”

Newark Cardinal Joseph Tobin told that he didn’t understand why Catholic prolifers use “very harsh words” - as if in abortion “language” was the problem.

San Diego Bishop Robert McElroy spoke about a “pathway of reconciliation,” “healing of our society,” “repairing the soul of our country,” and “advancing the common good” but didn’t explain how this could happened while Biden pushes for abortion.


The Biden masses
Cupich's Twitter statement
Cupich has a history of passive acceptance of abortion in the USA When he was Bishop of Spokane he stopped seminarians praying outside Planned Parenthood clinics Based on his track record he will have no problem with Biden's pro-abortion policies
Cupich is a cardinal of Lucifer and not a priest of Christ. We have to pray for him and other like him so they could return to God and save their immortal souls.