Francis' New Mortal Sin: "The Worst Service That Can Be Rendered to God"

“If you pray so many rosaries and then gossip about others," such a prayer is "purely artificial,” Francis claimed during the October 21 General Audience.

One wonders to whom these polemics were addressed, as praying the rosary has become rare among Catholics, and most participants at General Audiences are tourists.

Nevertheless, Francis repeated his attack, “The worst service that can be rendered to God and also to man is to pray wearily, in a habitual way. Like parrots.”

However, according to the Gospel, "the sick need the physician, not the healthy" (Mt 9:12). Therefore it isn't necessary to be sinless in order to pray.

It is also noteworthy that Francis makes a big deal about "gossip" while he presents mortal sins like adultery, homosexual fornication, and atheism as peccadillos.


Hugh N. Cry
Be gone, Francis!
Gesù è con noi
Saint Hildegard describes that the son of perdition's function is to contradict God. And she warns that those who accept his false teachings will be condemned.