54. God does not harden the heart

However, the people of Israel, with Moses as guide, managed to flee Pharaoh and Egypt. God seems to say, by Moses:
“Thus will I make Pharaoh so obstinate that he will pursue them.” Exodus, chapter 14, verse 4

God cannot harden the heart of anyone, even Pharaoh’s, and lead him to persevere, so that he catches fugitives and takes them back into captivity. It’s not realistic to portray God this way.

This passage is an example of people at the time who do not know God. God is not complicit in “Pharaoh’s stubbornness”, so to “harden Pharaoh’s heart”. It’s Pharaoh who persists and hardens his heart.

It’s the human being who hardens the heart and becomes inhuman through gestures and words against humanity.

We need discernment from the wisdom of God. God can only be Love. Let’s remember that in the Love of God are included the following manifestations: peace, joy, prayer, wisdom, life, liberty, mercy, etc. The remains, especially the negative words about God, are nothing but a wrong and incorrect way of perceiving him.

God’s Heart is filled with Love and he cannot encourage people to harden their hearts, to become obstinate. We ourselves do not encourage it, since the person would become dangerous for himself and his environment.

So, we appreciate God by placing all the writings of the Bible under the magnifying glass of his infinite and luminous Love. God saves his people, but he’s no friend of the evil caused by Pharaoh.

The new American Bible, 2011-2014
Book: Let’s reveal God, Normand Thomas