Brussels Cardinal Closes Down Community

The Charismatic Community of the Word of Life (Verbe de Vie), founded in 1986, will be dissolved as of July 2023, anti-Catholic Brussels Cardinal de Kesel announced after a 2022 canonical visitation.

The community was welcomed into Brussels Archdiocese in 2010 as a private association of the faithful. Its main house is in Andecy Abbey, near Paris. The dissolution is justified by "serious and systemic dysfunctions since the foundation." 240 members have left the community in 30 years.

The founding couple inoculated a manipulative governance, which infused itself among their successors who did everything to hide the truth from the bishops and to manipulate them.

The spiritual guide of the community from 1986 to 2013, Father Jacques Marin (+2019), a worker-priest of the Mission de France, was accused by several women of sexual abuse during confession.

A 2002 canonical visit noticed a confusion between the internal and external forums, a hold exerted by the founding couple, a lack of training, the absence of a rule of life, excessive fatigue among members, a lack of consideration for personal skills and financial shortcomings.

After that, the founding couple left for Brazil and their successor, a father with seven children, blamed the crisis on internal divisions.

From 2004, more than 160 members left the community in successive waves. 30% of them were permanent members. The last two waves date back to 2007/2009 and 2012/2013. Eight out of 16 foundations were closed.

Now, Le Verbe de Vie has about 30 consecrated sisters. It is unclear what will happen to them.


Alex A
@Sancte Teotónio> That's because there ain't none.
Alex A
No rule of law seems to be the logical reason. Besides, the Church, with its traditional beliefs and practises, "is good enough for me."
Agatha James
It seems like most attempts at lay Catholic communities or communes fail.
michael newman
It’s because they are all hippies.
Sancte Teotónio
Seems like a win! I'm still to find a charismatic group that is not plagued with modernism.