With Francis’ Blessing: Disco Church - And NO Evangelisation

Father Guilherme Peixoto travels around performing as a disc jockey and is also a pastor near Póvoa de Varzim, northern Portugal.

For St Peter and Paul's in June he organised an outdoor disco called Air of Rock. TraditionInAction.org (9 October) noted that he "did not hide his joy at being the centre of attention", adding that this was "a new religion of self-indulgence".

Peixoto mixed the words of the Hail Mary with lugubrious tones, followed by a delirium of techno sounds (video below). There was a kind of circus performance on stage as the audience danced frenetically.

In 2017, Francis received Peixoto and "blessed" an Air of Rock T-shirt as well as the headphones he uses at his disco shows.



Louis IX
Clip from Fr. Ted?
Egotistical show. Self-focussed rather than God-focussed.
Contrast this demonic horror show with the Beauty and Truth of REAL Catholicism:
This whole show is for the glory of the priest. Our prayers should rise up for the glory of God alone.
In a word: 100% demonic - no more needs to be said
Laura Yunque
Sad. Very sad.
A new direction - a music & dance church to attract people. Can a bad tree give good fruits ?