Schneider: Coronavirus na God Punishment for Pachamama?

As mass stop just dey very "serious" and different so tey we fit even call am punishment from God for the fifty years wey we don disrespect Eucharist, na wetin Bishop Athanasius Schneider tell on March 27.

Schneider no support as churches dey closed and supermarkets still dey open and public transport still dey work.

Him tell priests say make dem no obey their bishops if the bishops say make them no anoint sick people, "Christ no give any bishop power make im stop people make dem no visit sick people wey dey die."

Schneider say im don see say fear don cover people sense and their vision.

As im talk, the coronavirus na God intervene make im "purify the sinful world" and the church too.

Him no dey very sure whether the coronavirus na punishment from God for wetin dem do for Vatican with Pachamama last October, but im say e dey possible sha.

Foto: © Joseph Shaw, CC BY-NC-SA, #newsAasmtqckzx