Jeffrey Ade
Is neoconservative even Catholic?
Didn't they already try this with Ave Maria college in Florida built by the Domino's Pizza guy? If memory serves, in the end they had to cave to the "world" and admit secular anti-Catholic values. The Wanderer had a whole series on it years ago, I recall.
atreverse pensar
However, the early Christians did not live separately.
Louis IX
atreverse pensar
Catholics must protect and preserve their faith.
Louis IX
May it prosper under God’s Hand.
There could be concerns about the accountability and welfare in such an insular village.
I wouldn't be interested in the village...... but, hurray for those who want to try it out. Is there any human undertaking that someone can't find fault with, can't give a carping criticism? What's perfect this side of Heaven !
Cynthia Marie Moulthrop
What does Neoconservative mean? Novus Ordo with a twist?
I did not post from opinion. It is not a matter of finding fault or expressing naivety. But rather knowledge, being alert that things have changed in the church and world in an unGodly way. Keep observing ....
Pope Innocent lll
"What's perfect this side of Heaven!" The true Catholic Faith.