Sensation: Francis Refuses Cardinal Barbarin's Resignation

Lyon Cardinal Philippe Barbarin has said (March 19), that Pope Francis did not accept his resignation due to a “presumption of innocence.”

Barbarin was [falsely] convicted by a court in Lyon for having "failed to report abuses" which happened twenty years before he took over in Lyon.

With his decision Pope Francis publicly challenges the findings of the Lyon court whose verdict Barbarin is appealing.

After the meeting, Barbarin said that Francis "gave me today the freedom to make the decision that I think is best for the life of the Diocese of Lyon."

However, Barbarin has already decided to retire leaving the diocese since March 19 to his Vicar General.

Recently Barbarin stated that, independently from the verdict, he had plans to retire as he suffers from several health problems.

Both need to resign. No one needs false Catholics.
Don Reto Nay
I must commend Pope Francis for not having accepted Cardinal Barbarin's resignation. He was not a great cardinal. If he wants to retire, let him retire, but don't take the abuse hoax as a pretext for it. Very long time ago, the abuses have stopped being about abuses, they are about hurting the Church. This cannot be ignored any longer.