True Ecumenism: Ultraliberal Bishop Defends Catholic Priest

La Plata Archbishop Victor Manuel Fernández, Argentina, Francis’ kissing expert, defended Father Raúl Sidders who was accused by a woman, 27, of “sexual abuses during confession.”

Further, Puerto Iguazú diocese where Sidders is working now, denounced the media of publishing fake news in order to push the false accusations.

The bishops defend Sidders although he is a staunch Catholic who dresses in cassock and biretta. Puerto Iguazú diocese stressed that the media propaganda against him is motivated by his “different style, way of thinking, and expression.”

The priest worked for almost twenty years at San Vicente de Paul school in La Plata where the “abuses” allegedly took place. However, Archbishop Fernández stated that the allegations mix up narratives referring to different persons and moments.

Sidders used to hear confessions in the school chapel near the altar in full view of the students who were accompanied by their teachers. All who passed by could also see him, because the entrance door to the chapel is transparent.