US Bishops Fund the Devil

The Catholic Campaign for Human Development (CCHD), the US-Bishops' anti-poverty and social justice program, funds four organisations in Nashville, Tennessee which collude with abortion and transgender ideology, reports (February 15).

The worst is the so-called "Workers Dignity Project" (WDP) which received six grants from CCHD since 2013 totalling $245,000. gathered evidence, including audio and video recordings, that WDP is pushing abortion and transgenderism on immigrants and workers it is supposed to care for:

• WDP supported the 2017 “Nashville Pride.”

• WDP was listed as a “community partner” in the 2018 Tennessee and North Mississippi annual report of the abortion network Planned Parenthood.

• WDP’s co-director Cecilia Prado surrounds herself on with pro-abortion, Marxist and homosex organisations (Screenshot below).

• WDP's radio station hosts regularly homosex and Planned Parenthood ideologists.

According to its phantom guidelines, CCHD does "not" fund organisations that contradict the Church's moral teachings.


GJA Taylor
The Catholic bishops "conference" is not fit for purpose, they should repent or resign and be relaced by the faithful clergy. There is nothing surprising about these Cupich types anymore, just a bunch of fakes in dress up who love money and titles, pathetic really.
heart breaking